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Just back from a most enjoyable and informative evening at the Chiltern Writers Group ( It is always a little nerve wracking joining a group for the first time (well, I find it so) but I must say that they were very welcoming and I now can’t wait for the next event.

Tonight’s talk was by Dave Sivers (, a local crime fiction writer who has had tremendous success, particularly with with his Archer and Baines novels. I read the latest in the series – “Dead in Deep Water” – shortly before Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m presently reading the first (typical of me to do things in the wrong order) “The Scars Beneath The Soul“, both available in Kindle format from Amazon. I’m a big fan of crime fiction – I’ve just finished Ian Rankine’s “Saints of The Shadow Bible” (the latest in his Rebus series) – and I must say that I’m enjoying Dave’s second Baines and Archer outing just as much. Possibly a little more in fact because, of course, the Rebus books are set in Edinburgh (with which I am unfamiliar) whereas Dave’s books are set in the Aylesbury Vale, a little closer to home. I do recommend them. If you like crime fiction, you’ll love them. Trust me.

Dave spoke at length tonight about his experience publishing books in Kindle format (I picked up loads of tips). Hearing about his success has reminded me that I have done no writing at all for best part of a month now. Which is probably the longest break I’ve had since I started writing “The Shelter“. It’s been good to take a break – I feel like I’ve cleared my head a little – but I’m now itching to get cracking again.

I’ve promised myself to have “Building 41″, the third in my Harry Stammers Series, done and dusted by the summer, which gives me six months to complete it. Achievable if I dive back in but I’d better put a move on or it will be more like November again. Watch this space!

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