Five days to go…

It is Friday 21st in five days time and the launch of ‘The Battle of Wood Green’ is now just around the corner. Which is all terribly exciting. Except that I don’t yet have a single copy of the book (they haven’t arrived from America). I was getting a bit jumpy about it and so I emailed Createspace who told me not to (worry about it) because my order (and I quote) ” is scheduled to ship with an estimated delivery date of November 18, 2014″. That’s three days before the launch. Great. That put my mind at ease, I can tell you…

LBTV Testcard

LBTV Testcard

I must admit to having made no progress at all with ‘Building 41’ this week due to being so busy with preparations for the launch.  Thanks to Janice Issitt (in particular) to Trish (of course) and to Liz and Steve we now have THE MOST FANTASTIC 70’s window, for which my contribution has been a 1978 Philips G11, colour television set (‘The Battle of Wood Green’ is mostly set in 1977).

MTB Window

MTB Window

The TV is hooked up to a Raspberry Pi computer, enabling it to play 70’s clips etc – it proved quite awkward to convert the Pi’s composite output to the RF required by the TV set. But I managed it in the end (thanks to Daniel at MKARS for helping we with the Linux settings).

MTB 70's Window

MTB 70’s Window

The window is just marvellous. We had crowds outside all day Saturday,  reminiscing about the 70’s. It’s got to be the best window in Leighton Buzzard right now – almost worth a trip just to see it.

The event itself is going be a cracker (if my books do, actually, turn up). I do hope you can make it.

(Photography courtesy of Janice Issitt)

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  1. Jacky D says:

    hi Andy,

    The window does look nice.
    Good luck & lots of fun for the 21st & fingers crossed for a speedy delivery of the books.

    Greetings from your Dutch friend Jacky

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