The Battle of Wood Green – almost there

The Battle of Wood Green

The Battle of Wood Green

Well, I’ve just finished another iteration of the manuscript, which now includes a prologue and uploaded it to the publisher for checking. It is an exhausting process because, call me over cautious if you like, but even minor changes can lead to errors in the uploaded script, so I check every page (all 387 of them) – every time. To make matters worse, of course the cover has to re-done when pages are added, because the spine needs to become wider. Files have to be uploaded in pdf – which means converting them from png (as well as converting the text), at which point I always check again for inconsistencies. The whole process has taken me best part of six hours today (I stopped for Doctor Who and for something to eat). Once Createspace have checked the submitted files, then it will be time to order a second proof and back round the process we will go. Please God, let there be no errors or typos, or I will be doing it all over again in a weeks time.

If all I had to do was write my books, I would be a very happy author indeed!

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3 Responses to The Battle of Wood Green – almost there

  1. Jacky says:

    Good Luck, hope it was fine this time around.

    • Andy says:

      Nope. Changed my mind about how much of the plot from Book 1 is given away in the prologue (to Book 2). So minor re-write underway… again. And then back round the houses. Still on target for end of October (fingers crossed). 🙂

      • Jacky says:

        A writer’s work is never done! But. Better to make changes now as opposed to being not satisfied when it’s already in print

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