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Another productive day doing everything but writing…


I’d been reading about promotional book trailers on the Goodreads authors’ forum, so I thought I’d better give it a go. Since I already have iMovie on my iMac, it was the obvious choice. Although I have used iMovie once or twice before, I’m something of a beginner when it comes to video editing, so I was fairly dubious about the likely usefulness of the exercise. However, as with most things, once I got stuck into it, I couldn’t give up and I’m reasonably pleased with the end result. Mind you, it took me best part of NINE HOURS to produce two minutes of trailer. It is just as well that I wasn’t attempting a feature film.

On the writing front, ‘Building 41’ (Part 3 of the Harry Stammers Trilogy) is progressing, albeit slowly (mainly because I’m still putting so much effort into promoting ‘The Shelter’).    and then, of course, I’ll be doing it all over again with ‘The Battle of Wood Green’. I think I need a social media secretary… or an agent (!). Offers on a post code please…

For those of you who have read ‘The Shelter’, some of the early chapters of Book 3 take us back to The Galleon, the little pub beside the Grand Union canal at Wolverton. It is there that Elsie Sidthorpe does something that she lives to regret and, indeed, which drives the underpinning story across all three of the books (but I’m not telling you what). I’m presently in the middle of writing this and am having great fun with Elsie, Martha and a rather drunk Royal Navy petty officer.  Once that it is done, I’ll be catching up with Mikkel Eglund, Jane Mears, Ellen Carmichael and, of course, Harry Stammers who seems, already, to be developing quite a following.

I’ve been talking about Harry with some of you and others have mentioned him in their messages. I wanted Harry to be a likeable and engaging character. I tend to tire of books in which the main character is morose (with the exception of  Henning Mankell’s Kurt Wallander, and Jo Nesbø’s Harry Hole, of which I am a big fan – although that particular Harry will never be a Hoh-leh to me, he will always be a HOLE). 

It is weird to hear people talking about Harry Stammers, as though they know him like I do. And weirder still to hear their thoughts on his character. A couple of you have had me wondering whether you might know him better than I do – which is a very strange idea when you think about it. But, more than anything else, it gives me tremendous pleasure that, having read the book, he was real enough for some of you to be thinking about the kind of man he is and to want to know more. I’ll be using some of your thoughts and, hopefully, answering some of your questions in Book Three (incidentally, almost without exception, readers want to know more about Harry’s relationship with Ellen and, particularly, what attracted her to him. So expect more on that front).

If you have any thoughts or questions about Harry, or any of the other characters in The Shelter, please feel free to contact me. I spend half my life thinking about them all, but they can be illusive so-and-so’s at times. So if you can help to throw any light on them, you’d certainly be doing me a favour!


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