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I have now seen the final proof of the The Shelter – and it looks great! So earlier tonight, I released it onto Amazon and Amazon’s POD (Print On Demand) publisher, Createspace. The book is immediately available from (just click on the link or go to It will take (so they tell me) 3-5 days to start appearing on the Amazon sites (including in the UK). So, if you are in a rush (!) you can order NOW from createspace for $16.75 (which works out at about £9.50 at current exchange rates). I’ll update you all once it is available from Amazon. It will eventually also be available from the Kindle Store as a downloadable ebook (but that will take a week or so). I will also be making copies available directly (to minimise shipping costs to readers) – a limited supply are on order, so contact me directly if you’d like one. I’m almost there folks, but like I said, self publishing is anything but simple!

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