The Milliner’s Spy, by Kerry Howard

It’s amazing the links you make via social media, like Facebook, Twitter and the like. Yesterday, between walking the dog and answering the zillions of tweets and Facebook messages I seem to be getting now that the book has launched, I came across the writer, researcher and independent publisher, Kerry Howard. Kerry will shortly publish her novel, ‘The Milliner’s Spy’ Kerry kindly purchased a copy of ‘The Shelter’ from the Kindle store and subsequently emailed me about her involvement at Bletchley Park Research and her thoughts on writing. Her forthcoming book sounds as though it is going to be an exciting read and I can’t wait to get hold of it. To think that we might not have stumbled across each other were it not for the wonders of the internet…

The Milliner's Spy, By Kerry Howard

The Milliner’s Spy, By Kerry Howard, Coming Soon

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  1. Kerry Howard says:

    Thanks for the mention Andy. Meeting people in this amazing digital landscape is one of my most favourite things about blogging. The world becomes a very small and fascinating place. In fact, recently a woman I met through writing about the novel visited Paris from Canada. She and her husband extended their stay in Europe by 3 days and visited London. I felt very honoured that they spent one of those days with me at Bletchley Park. I feel I’ve made friends for life. Books really do change lives.

    I’m eagerly waiting for The Shelter no.2.

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