EMS Mercury 1040

I’m delighted to have one of these genuinely British CB radios in my collection and a gold one at that (there were also silver and back editions). It was allegedly the first all-British rig to make it into production. EMS (Electro Medical Supplies) was founded in 1924 by Charles Greenham. The company specialised (and still does) in manufacturing electro-medical equipment. Quite what led them to produce is CB radio is anybody’s guess. They produced a very well made radio – it’s a lovely circuit board, with a robust, well made case. But reportedly, performance is mediocre at best.

My set does work but it is a poor state, electrically. It has suffered at the hands of the inevitable screwdriver expert. Just about every ferrite core is either broken, stuck or both, making retuning impossible at the moment. So this will probably turn into a long term project!